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Mission Statement: The purpose of the Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District is to provide leadership, education, technical advice, financial assistance to landowners, cooperating agencies for various programs and projects with the goal being the whole community working together in harmony to pursue the sustainable management, wise-use, and protection of the district's soil, water, forests, wildlife, and recreational resources.

Current Projects and Events

The Department of Agriculture & SWCD Partnering for Pilot Nitrate Testing in southern Hubbard County

Attention homeowners in Hubbard County! Hubbard County has teamed up with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to bring free nitrate testing of wells to certain townships of the county. If you live in Badoura, Crow Wing Lake, Henrietta, Hubbard, Straight River, and Todd Townships, you will receive a free nitrate test kit in the mail starting in May along with more information about the program. Your information will be kept confidential. The letters are being mailed out in batches and the water testing kits follow shortly after.

Your participation in this testing event will help your county gain a better understanding of the local nitrate levels and will provide you with information on the nitrate levels of your drinking water. Nitrate is one of the most common ground water pollutants found in rural areas. The presence of nitrate may also be an indicator of other pollutants in water. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District SWCD are sponsoring this event.

Pineland Sands Aquifer Project

The Hubbard and Wadena Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) were the recipients of a $40,000 Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant to support water quality work in the Pineland Sands Aquifer. This project is set up to help landowners cover costs of establishing native cover, including native grasses, trees, and shrubs on less productive agriculture or idle fields. Landowners participating would receive cost – share to pay for the establishment of cover by entering into a 15 year contract that would be approved by the respective SWCD boards. The overall goal of this project is to establish perennial cover on 250 to 300 acres in Hubbard and Wadena Counties.

These practices are well known to positively impact water quality, help with water infiltration, slow down runoff, and provide wildlife and pollinator habitats. Providing habitat and flowering plants provides food for pollinators who have suffered with habitat loss and degradation of habitat. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds play an essential role in plant reproduction and in the production of fruits and vegetables.

For more information, please contact our office at 218-732-0121.

Conservation Buffers

Conservation buffers are strips of vegetation placed in the landscape to influence ecological processes and provide a variety of goods and services to us. They are called by many names, including wildlife corridors, greenways, windbreaks, and filter strips to name just a few. Benefits that conservation buffers provide to us include protecting soil resources, improving air and water quality, enhancing fish and wildlife habitat, and beautifying the landscape. Please click on the buffer guideline to help guide the planning and design of your buffer.

Community Partners Grant

Do you belong to a lake association and want to see some changes made to the lake’s shorelines? Is your community or nonprofit organization interested in planting a rain garden? Hubbard SWCD received $100,000 in Legacy funding that is now available to groups like yours. For more information, please go to our programs page.


There are several new projects that we are working on in conjunction with the MPCA. The MPCA has adopted a Watershed Approach. Hubbard County SWCD is comprised of three different watersheds, Crow Wing, Leech Lake River, and Mississippi River (Headwaters).

The Crow Wing Watershed is now completed. As a result of the intensive monitoring, MPCA determined there are three lakes and one river in Hubbard County that did not meet the standards.  They are 1st Crow Wing Lake, 8th Crow Wing Lake, Portage Lake and Straight River. For more information visit the MPCA's website.

The Leech Lake River Watershed is in the fourth year. In this phase, we are working priority management zones and developing the Watershed Restoration and Protection Report. We are also working on watershed citizen awareness. 

The Civic Engagement team wrote a series of articles to increase awareness on the importance of a healthy watershed. Click on each article to read about our watershed.

#1 - Healthy Waters - WRAPing Around the Watershed
#2 - Linkages between Forests and Water
#3 - Healthy Waters for Fish, Wildlife and Plants
#4 - Healthy Connections Between Surface Water and Ground Waters
#5 - Effects of Climate Change on Healthy Waters
#6 - Healthy Waters for Sustainable Communities
#7 - Healthy Waters for Sustainable Communities Part Two

The Mississippi River Headwaters Watershed is in Phase 2.  We have finished collecting all of the water quality data and will be analyzing this data. We are also working on watershed citizen awareness.

Aquatic Invasive Species Program Now With The Hubbard County Environmental Services Department

 Click this link to view the Countywide Summary.

I To find your nearest decontamination station, go to the DNR's website at https://webapps15.dnr.state.mn.us/ais_decon_sites.

In 2014, the State of MN passed legislation to provide funds to combat AIS at the local level. As a result of this legislation, Hubbard County was required to develop a plan on how to use these funds. Click here to view the plan.

Board Meetings

Our next board meeting will be held at our new office location 603 Central N  Ste 100 in the Conference Room on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 at 8:30 am.